Formulation R&D

Formulation Research and Development

• Preformulation Studies
• Analytical methods development/qualification/validation
• Formulation development, all stages of development
     o Non-GLP animal studies
     o GLP Toxicology studies
     o cGMP NCE Phase I/II
     o Generic Drugs

• Dosage form development
     o Injectables
     o Tablets (immediate, extended and delayed release)
     o Liquid-filled capsules
     o Powder-filled capsules (immediate, extended and delayed release)
     o Oral liquids
     o Ointments
     o Creams
     o Gels

• Technologies
     o Lipid based formulation
     o Liquid-filled hard gelatin capsules
     o Controlled release solid dosage forms
     o Microparticles and Nanoparticles
     o Liposomes
     o Solubilization
     o Novel formulations to enhance intellectual property portfolio

• Types of Compounds
     o Small organic molecules
     o Peptides
     o Proteins
     o Synthetic polymers
     o Inorganic compounds
     o Cytotoxic and potent