Formulation Development

Pharmaceutical Formulation

Pharmaceutical formulation is the process by which different chemical substances are combined to produce a final medicinal product, or drug. The final product may be in the form of oral medications, topical formulations, or injections. Oral pharmaceuticals normally come in the form of a tablet, capsule, or liquid. Topical formulations can take the form of creams, gels, powders, liquids, ointments, and pastes.

IriSys performs dosage form development for all phases of human clinical trials [I, II, III] in order to provide a wide variety of world-class pharmaceuticals, as well as commercial pharmaceutical products. Some of the medicinal products we manufacture include tablets and capsules, injectables, and gel, cream, and liquid dosage forms.

IriSys develops formulations for new chemical entities, OTC products, and generic products, as well as 505(b)(2) product candidates, which can rely in part on data from existing reference drugs.

The Company develops the following dosage forms:

• Tablets
• Capsules, powder-filled
• Capsules, liquid-filled
• Oral solutions and suspensions
• Topical products
• Injectables
• Controlled release products
• Sustained release products
• Pellets
• Microspheres
• Lyophilized products
• Animal study materials